Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my website. I believe that whether it’s indoors or in the great outdoors your first class product or service deserves a first class image. I am passionate about delivering this in both stills and video.

As you have a browse around you’ll discover I’m extremely experienced in commercial photography and filmmaking with a diverse portfolio shot for clients not just from from Belfast but all over Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and throughout Europe. You’ll find product photography alongside shots of people and places; food and drink shots comfortably sharing the same page with advertising photography, interiors and industrial detail. That’s because I enjoy the challenge each project brings and welcome unusual, diverse commissions or challenging locations. Of course I’m right at home in the studio environment too and I’ll always try to add value with a new technique or creative suggestion.

I have been a commercial photographer in Belfast, Northern Ireland since 1985 and I am available for commissions throughout Europe.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at my work. That’s the idea after all!

Best wishes,

Stephen Potts

Belfast photographer and filmmaker

Let’s get started with a short 4K movie, expand it to full screen, sit back and enjoy.

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