Q&A: Promote your business with a film

4 March 2020
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Have you considered promoting your business with video?

A well made film is a great addition to your website because it provides instant audience engagement but there are other benefits:

Social Media users love film. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and all the leading platforms work well with video material made to engage your target audience.

Google loves film, particularly if you have a YouTube channel, this is a great way to drive traffic to your website and also be found in locations where people increasingly go to look for information, tutorials and all kinds of advice.

A film on screen at trade shows is a great addition to any exhibition stand.

How long should a video be?

This depends on the purpose of the film and the places you want to show it as different platforms have different criteria, I can advise you on this while we plan your film. We will also consider audience attention span, in some cases a short edit (like a trailer) is used as a hook and when people are interested they can select to see a full version.

What is the best format for video?

This varies with intended use and I usually give clients several versions to suit a variety of needs. For example if you are going to show the film on a big screen on an exhibition stand then 4K will ensure you have superb quality, if you are using on a website HD is more a more suitable combination of quality / download speed and for social media we can make a file to suit the platform. In many cases hosting the film on Vimeo or YouTube and displaying it as an imbedded element works well on websites, this is how the video on this page is displayed. I can advise you on this or host the film for you and provide the imbed code for you to use. We can also make sure the hosting information matches your search requirements so you get maximum benefit from the project.

Is the idea of making a film daunting?

The good news is that you have nothing to worry about, I can guide you through any parts of the process where you need help. Theme development, storyboarding, script development and all areas of the production process are included in the service I provide.

What can a film do for your business?

You can engage with a prospective client who has yet to meet you or visit your premises by addressing them directly with a film. People do business with people and a film is a great first step in developing this relationship, you can show that you are a real person with passion for what you do.

You can show someone around your business, let them see how great it is or how amazing your products look long before they ever meet you.

You can show client testimonials where prospective clients can see how you solved a problem or made a difference for an existing client.

Do you have to talk on camera?

In many cases this is not necessary, it all depends on the objectives of the film and I can guide you through this during the planning stage. If you do decide to do a piece to camera I will make sure it is totally painless and help you to do a professional job of presenting your business. You won’t have to learn a long script and we will often use shots of what you are talking about for the majority of the spoken part.

Here’s an example of a film I made for a restaurant.

You can see how appealing the restaurant looks and get an idea of what it will be like to visit, the customer’s feedback is shown below the film.