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My clients use corporate and industrial photography in a variety of applications including; annual reports, investor relations publications, corporate responsibility programmes, key asset illustrations and internal communications. These can be in print, online, in presentations at annual conferences and included in sales presentations. PR photography is also a part of my role in this sector. Although I'm based in Belfast photography of this type has taken me around Ireland, the UK and parts of mainland Europe, often because the skills required and the relatively low cost of air travel make it attractive to work with a specialist in this field. The increasingly compact nature of digital equipment also means that travelling to shoot is much easier than in previous decades.

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  • Photography by Belfast Photographer © Stephen Potts
  • Industrial photography Belfast
  • Photography by Belfast Photographer © Stephen Potts
  • Industrial photography Belfast
  • Industrial Photography by Belfast Photographer © Stephen Potts
  • Industrial Photography by Belfast Photographer © Stephen Potts


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There are a number of key areas to consider when commissioning a photographer or filmmaker for this type of work:

  • An experienced commercial photographer who understands the communication aims of each client can create images which are on message and in line with the client’s values.
  • Photography which takes place alongside the normal activities of a company involves the ability to strike a balance between not disturbing the client’s work and getting the first class images which the client deserves. This comes with experience and requires a photographer with good organisational and interpersonal skills.
  • Some commissions require the photographer to work off site with the client’s customers or suppliers, in this situation the photographer must also focus on being an ambassador for the client company.
  • Industrial locations often present a variety of potential hazards. In addition to insurance which covers location work on client premises the photographer may need to operate in challenging environments. I have a variety of industrial and maritime qualifications which enable me to work in many locations while creating minimum inconvenience for the people at work around me.

You can see my training certificates for working in maritime and industrial environments here – QUALIFICATIONS

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