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I believe your first class product deserves a first class image and that's why I insist on perfection for my clients' product photography. Whether it is a tiny piece of jewellery or a large piece of equipment, your company’s pride and joy will always be captured in all its glory. I made my first product shot in 1986 so my clients benefit from over 3 decades of experience in product photography on a huge variety of subjects with a wide range of techniques in both studio and location settings.

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Cryospa – sports injury recovery



Product photography options are limited only by your imagination however the following are among some of the most frequently requested, you can see examples of all these in the gallery below:

  • Product photography for cutouts, an Amazon favourite but also very useful on many websites because the image is isolated, there is no colour change when displayed on a white page and the background can be altered to include any colour of even another image.
  • Bespoke set builds allow for your product to be shown in context, perhaps a room set for food on a table.
  • 360 product photography allows a rotating view of the product which can be displayed in a variety of ways from a simple GIF through to drag and zoom responsive displays.
  • Products shot on a plain background where a shadow or a reflection is deliberately included.

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