The use of films on websites and in social media has rocketed over the past few years and I provide clients with a complete service for filming, sound recording and editing to ensure their products and services are shown in the best possible light. There is no need to put up with iPhone clips, wind / background / traffic noise in the background, bad lighting or any other disappointments when you can engage a professional for reasonable fees to make a slick film for your company.

Clients often require help with storyboarding and script development, I have provided this during planning meetings before filming began on many of these projects. I also have relationships with third parties who can help if your work requires - animation, bespoke titling, image cutouts, flying to shoot aerial projects, models, transport, additional lighting, set building and photographic assistants.

Finished projects can be shared in any format including 4K or HD and hosted for imbedding, whatever you need I have a solution.

If you are looking for an experienced Belfast videographer then look no further, I am available for commissions throughout Europe.

MTB Solicitors, Belfast

Sugarcane Café Bistro, Comber

Vaca Loca, Tarifa

EnergyFacilities / Coca Cola

Kathryn Callaghan, Artist

Grand Power, Slovakia

Beatman TV

Macrete Dover Wall

Cryospa Sport

Bottle Journey

Jude Cassidy Textiles

Painting Timelapse

All media © Stephen Potts
Videographer Belfast