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U-Boat - While motorcycling on the Atlantic coast of France I was struck by the lasting legacy of the U-Boat pens which remain since the Nazi occupation during WW2. I was surprised that these reminders of darker times had not been removed from the post-war landscape but on looking more closely it became apparent that removing these massive structures located in busy working ports would have been so disruptive that they were just worked around instead. Different towns have shown different approaches to living with the U-Boat legacy, some have developed facilities inside and even on top of these behemoths, others have fenced them off and worked in the space outside their footprint.
Cuba - I had been struck by Cuba's unique visual appeal for some time and I was intrigued by it's blend of communism and capitalism. With this in mind I was keen to capture the essence of life there before things changed following the death of Fidel Castro.
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